Architectural Precast – Aesthetic Solutions

1.0 Learning Units, HSW

PC102 Architectural Precast – Aesthetic Solutions

Learn how to design high performance façade systems that can achieve any color, texture or shape delivering a resilient exterior that will stand the test of time.


  1. Understand the resilient nature of architectural precast concrete as well as mix design composition, finish techniques and the sample and mock-up process.
  2. Conceptualize color, form and texture through materials, molds and formliners. Understand which tools can help ensure an economical design.
  3. Learn about color and texture advancements, which can achieve most any effect and simulate materials such as coral stone, marble, limestone and more.
  4. Learn how surface materials can be embedded into precast to achieve various looks such as: thin brick, terracotta, dimensional stone, and porcelain tile.

To schedule PC102, contact Beverly Ross. (251) 575-2803 or learn@gateprecast.com