Collaborative Design Assist with Architectural Precast – Case Studies

1.0 Learning Units

pc104 Collaborative Design Assist with Architectural Precast – Case Studies

This presentation enables designers to leverage the unique capabilities of architectural precast concrete to create distinctive façade systems utilizing the efficient process of design assist, which delivers projects much faster to the market and within budget – all while maintaining design integrity.


1. Explain the benefits of design assist and when it is desirable to begin the process

2. Understand how BIM is used in the design of structures when using architectural precast and how BIM models are used to track, schedule, engineer, fabricate, transport, erect and for in-service use.

3. Recognize the savings in the construction schedule due to enhanced collaboration between team members, resource and energy savings through streamlined workflow, and vertical integration of design elements.

4. See how the use of collaborative design assist with architectural precast helps project teams obtain their design goals while maintaining budgets illustrated through a range of project case studies.

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