Ransom Everglades Stem Building

Ransom Everglades Stem Building

Ransom Everglades is an institution that prides itself on innovation and cutting-edge education.  The new Ransom Everglades STEM building is a 21st-century facility that caters to educating the science, technology, engineering, and mathematicians of tomorrow. GATE proposed a building envelope solution that not only reflects the core mission statement of Ransom Everglades but provides forward-thinking construction prefabrication methods.

The primary design challenge was to provide a facade system that imposed no more than 48psf dead load, served as a rain barrier, conveyed the three-dimensional architectural surface articulation and could withstand the high velocity wind zone. 

With the same spirit as Ransom Everglades, GateLite is a perfect system for a facility that promotes technology and innovation. With a 38psf dead load, GateLite met and exceeded the stringent engineering challenge.  Moreover, the lightweight system maintains the same design intent and characteristics admired by the Ransom Everglades School and the Perkins+Will design team.

Pat Bosch, Perkins+Will Lead Designer calls this building “Brave, Bold and Brilliant.”

GateLite represents an important engineering stepping stone for prefabricated facade systems where design and cost can share a common ground  

Miami, FL

Perkins + Will


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