Structural System

Gate Precast manufactures a range of structural precast concrete components, which can be used on a variety of construction projects. The most well known is structured parking, the first of which was erected in the 1950s for The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Valued for its speed of construction and competitive price point, many commercial parking garages are built using structural precast. Additionally, structural precast is often used in the construction of data centers, office buildings, and schools.

Paired with Gate’s award-winning architectural products, the advantage of using structural precast over traditional delivery methods is clear to owners, architects, general contractors and structural engineers.

Integrated Design
In today’s fast paced and cost-conscious construction world, precast concrete minimizes time and materials making the most of design, production, and installation durations.

During the planning and modeling phase, efficient and collaborative design ensures owners’ project goals are met in a timely fashion while maintaining budget constraints.

During fabrication, production crews use the least amount of labor and materials to maximize resources

During construction, fewer trades are involved thereby limiting on-site risk, scheduling conflicts, construction document changes, and owner financing durations.

Texas Health Resources Garage

In addition, the operation of a precast concrete building involves less maintenance and lower insurance costs delivering even greater value to the owner and occupants.

Lifetime Athletic Tennis Fitness, Plano, TX

Double Tees, most typically seen in parking garages, offer long open spans and column-free spacing but can be reconfigured based on the needs of the tenants while providing unmatched flexibility for interior build-out.

Metropolitan, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Exposed Double Tees provide a semi-loft look with plentiful daylighting for the well-being of the occupants.

Metropolitan, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Efficiency on Site

Constructing within the footprint of the building and utilizing just-in-time delivery with small crews sizes erecting thousands of square feet per day, precast is unmatched in speed, manpower and material optimization.  Precast concrete provides a dependable schedule allowing for the generation of income on investment along with reduced interim financing costs.

With the ability to span over 50 feet with hollow core slabs and 60 with double tees, precast can greatly reduce a building’s floor-to-floor height compared to other structural systems. >

The Double Tees used in the ceiling of the P-760 Fitness Center Addition at the Naval Air Station in Mayport, FL, span 119′ long and are 8’0″ wide. Two tees in the staging area ready to be installed on the load-bearing insulated wall panels.

Woodlawn Elementary School, OH

Gate Precast works in tandem with design teams to create structural systems using few materials. The inclusion of continuous insulation within precast wall panels provides fire resistance during all phases of construction as well as providing continuous air and vapor barriers, thermal efficiency and sound-deadening walls.

Structural Durability
In order to be truly sustainable, structures need to be durable. Structural systems offer a flexible design that provides reliable, durable and aesthetically pleasing buildings capable of meeting site-specific challenges influenced by natural and locational conditions such as weather.

The developer and architect of Acquilus, a multi-phase oceanfront development, chose to move from masonry construction used on Phase I to a total precast system on Phases II and III due to the project’s location on the Atlantic Ocean. As the first phase’s 13-story structure increased in height, construction slowed further due to high coastal winds. The total precast system offered durability, speed of construction and economy.

Acquilus II, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Acquilus III, Jacksonville Beach, FL

After the success of the second phase, Acquilus III, an eight-story condominium, was designed and constructed as a total precast system.

Acquilus III, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Structural Durability
Hurricanes, superstorms, tornadoes and other natural phenomena have highlighted the importance of resilient design. Recent testing and evaluation of precast concrete building systems have helped extend it capabilities to designers and owners. Some of these capabilities include providing efficient and resilient protection against blast, storm, progressive collapse and seismic events.

Impact testing of precast insulated sandwich wall panels show that precast concrete provides excellent resistance against flying debris, which often become projectiles or missiles during a tornado or hurricane.



This time-lapse video shows the installation of precast concrete components for St. Vincent DePaul Elementary School. While the site was cleared and foundations laid, Gate Precast fabricated the components offsite. The speed of fabrication and installation provides a compelling advantage for meeting tight schedules. >

St. Vincent Depaul Elementary School

Saint Thomas and Saint Paul Elementary Schools in Long Beach, MS, were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The two schools were merged and rebuilt with resilient, thermal efficient precast wall panels and double tee ceiling. Eley Guild Hardy Architects chose this structural system for Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School to provide a level of quality and performance not readily available utilizing conventional block and brick construction, especially in the post-Katrina construction market.