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Our Values

Our core values shape who we are as a company, what we stand for and how we operate. When we take these values to heart, everyone succeeds, and our employees can build a better life for themselves and their families.

Our Vision

To support a family culture that delivers best-in-class products and services to our customers so that every member of our team can enjoy a more secure and prosperous life.






We are committed to providing our employees with a comprehensive benefits package that supports their health and well-being. We believe happy and healthy employees are the key to our success and we are proud to offer a range of benefits that reflects that belief.

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    Health Insurance

    We offer a robust medical, dental and vision plan for you and your family’s health care needs.

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    Time Off

    Experience the benefits of our comprehensive Vacation and Sick Pay program, designed to support your health, happiness and peace of mind.

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    Life Insurance

    Your life matters to us. Join our team and gain the peace of mind that comes with Company-Paid Life Insurance coverage. We understand the importance of providing financial security for your loved ones in the event of the unexpected.

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    On-Demand Pay

    We understand that life can sometimes throw unexpected financial challenges your way. That’s why we offer our employees the exclusive benefit of On-Deman Pay, giving you access to a portion of your earned wages before payday. No more waiting for your hard-earned money!

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    Tuition Reimbursement

    At GATE, we’re not just shaping our industry, we’re shaping the future by investing in our employees. Our commitment to growth and learning is reflected in our comprehensive benefits package, including our Tuition Reimbursement Program.

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    Pet Discount Program

    We believe in supporting our employees’ passions and interests, including their love for their pets.


Herman Young

Herman Young

Plant Manager, GATE-Kissimmee

“GATE cares about the welfare of their employees. They want everyone to go home the same way they came here. There’s also plenty of opportunities to advance and do better. GATE has always been that type of company.”

“GATE is a company that listens to their employees. They make them a part of the process and not just the result of the process. When I first came here, I was impressed by how upper management got to know us on a personal level, and truly wanted to know what we wanted from our time here.”

“The people and the work culture are truly special. We work as a team to solve problems and work through tough issues.”


Brandi Combs

Corporate Contracts Manager

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunities, possibilities and challenges that GATE has provided to me over the years. They’re an employer that rewards hard work. A little more than a year after joining the company as a Project Manager I was promoted to Senior Project Manager and a year and a half later, I was promoted to Business Manager/Senior Project Manager before eventually becoming Contracts Manager.

We take tremendous pride in our work here. There are so many amazing projects that GATE has built over the years, and I love being able to drive by those projects and say that we built that. And at GATE, everybody matters. During the pandemic, upper management worked hard to make sure we were considered essential workers so that we could keep our jobs, and every Friday they gave every employee a gift card to a local restaurant so that we were supporting the local community.”


Philip Goslinga

Assistant Plant Manager, GATE-Kissimmee

“We create amazing pieces of architectural precast in the Kissimmee plant. I love the challenge of a building that’s complicated and complex. Our plant has gotten away from some of the simpler stuff and we’re now creating a variety of complex designs.”

“The work environment here is great. GATE genuinely cares and takes care of its employees. They are generous with giving us time off when needed, and provide regular wage increases to remain competitive. They also challenge us by providing plenty of opportunities to advance … but it takes hard work. If you dedicate yourself and work hard, you have a chance to succeed.”


David Owen

Corporate Director of Quality

“After joining the Oxford plant as a Quality Control Technician some 28 years ago, I was impressed by how the GATE team recognizes and rewards their employees for hard work and dedication. I decided to take advantage of that, and within three years I had earned my PCI Levels 1 and 2 certifications, as well as my ACI certification. And in the early 2000s, I began to rise through the ranks, first as QC Manager, then Hollow Core Plant Superintendent and eventually Plant Manager in 2008. In 2023, another opportunity arose. The importance of quality in a precast plant cannot be overstated. It directly influences the safety, durability and overall success of construction projects. Implementing robust quality control measures is essential for us in order to produce high-performance precast concrete elements. For these reasons, I accepted the newly created position of Corporate Director of Quality.

At GATE, you’re not just a number. When my father passed away in 2006, they canceled a Monday staff meeting so that upper management could attend the funeral. There’s no doubt they truly care about their employees.”

Mark Ledkins

Mark Ledkins

Vice President of Operations, Southern Division

“As a young man in 1989, I saw an opportunity to grow alongside GATE. It proved to be the right choice, as my career has paralleled the growth of our plant here in Monroeville. I’ve gone from working at a single plant to having the opportunity to manage multiple plants. Today, I look for opportunities to help those plants, and their personnel, grow.

Despite GATE being a large organization, though, there remains a feeling of belonging and family. Over the years, GATE has emphasized what’s best for their employees, not just the bottom line. We’re always looking for talented people willing to grow with us. We also encourage advancement within the company, at any age. I doubt you could advance as quickly in other large organizations.”


GATE Precast Locations

We extend an open invitation to visit any of our eight facilities and meet the artisans who bring our product to life. Once there, you’ll see it everywhere – GATE’s strong commitment to protecting and respecting the environment, the community and, above all, its employees. GATE’s high standard for safety, our service and business ethics, coupled with a quality product ensure GATE’s position as the leader in architectural and structural precast.

Ashland City, TN

One Bluegrass Drive
Ashland City, TN 37015

Phone: (615) 792-4871
Fax: (615) 792-7608

Atlanta, GA

800 Wharton Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30336

Phone: (404) 753-0600

Hillsboro, TX

1700 N Hwy 77
PO Box 1305
Hillsboro, Texas 76645

Phone: (254) 582-7200
Fax: (254) 582-7205

Jacksonville, FL

402 Zoo Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32226

Phone: (904) 757-0860
Fax: (904) 751-5435

Kissimmee, FL

810 Sawdust Trail
Kissimmee, FL 34744-1418

Phone: (407) 847-5285
Fax: (407) 847-3430

Monroeville, AL

2440 South Alabama Ave.
Monroeville, AL 36460

Phone: (251) 575-2803
Fax: (251) 575-9174

Pearland, TX

3201 Veterans Drive
PO Box 38 (77588-0038)
Pearland, Texas 77584

Phone: (281) 485-3273
Fax: (281) 485-7644


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