Advantages of Prefabricated Concrete Building Solutions Utilizing Collaborative Design Assistance

1.0 Learning Units


This presentation enables designers to leverage the unique capabilities of prefabricated concrete to create distinctive façade systems utilizing the efficient design-assist process. Early collaboration on the design of concrete building solutions delivers projects to the market 25% faster, while maintaining design integrity and budget. Through a number of case studies, attendees will be able to gain a deeper understanding of how enhanced collaborative design assistance processes have helped project teams build successful projects using prefabricated concrete systems.

Intermediate Course: Basic understanding of prefabricated concrete mix designs, basic forming concepts, panelization and connections needed.


  1. Understand how technology-based BIM is used in the design of prefabricated concrete building solutions and how BIM models are used to track, schedule, engineer, fabricate, transport, and install concrete building components
  2. Explain the benefits of design-assist and when it is desirable to begin the process.
  3. Understand why project teams are utilizing prefabricators of concrete building solutions earlier in the construction process
  4. Through case studies, see how the use of collaborative design-assist provides project teams with project, resource and energy savings, higher quality, shortened construction schedule and reduced change orders.

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