Designing Concrete Barrier Systems Utilizing Simulated and Natural Products

1.0 Learning Units, HSW


High performance prefabricated concrete enclosure walls are distinct from most rain screen walls as they are air tight and watertight. A properly designed concrete building envelope creates a rain barrier that provides better performance and requires less materials and trades than conventional cavity wall systems or rain screens. Learn how prefabricated concrete rain barrier systems reduce risk, improve efficiency and seamlessly blend into historical architecture. This course introduces the latest innovations in simulating natural stones and embedding natural materials providing all of their beauty but with added speed, durability, and many other benefits of prefabricated concrete


  1. Define the difference between rain screen and rain barrier systems. Compare rain barrier systems comprised of natural products embedded in concrete wall panels to traditional hand set field applied rain screen walls.
  2. Describe the concrete prefabrication methodology for embedding natural materials like brick, dimensional stone and terracotta.
  3. Understand simulated concrete finishes utilizing new forming, casting and finishing techniques that assist designers in achieving randomness in profiles, color, and texture to create iconic facades. Current trends featuring non linear surfaces will be featured.
  4. After reviewing multiple case studies, explain how concrete rain barrier systems utilizing simulated and natural products can accelerate the schedule, offer energy savings and seamlessly blend with the architecture of surrounding buildings.

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