PC106 Integrated Design:

Utilizing Precast for Total System Prefabrication

1.0 Learning Units, HSW

Integrated Design: Utilizing Precast Concrete for Complete System Prefabrication

This presentation will familiarize attendees with precast concrete’s family of products and illustrate how they can be assembled to produce sustainable architecture. All-precast systems are pre-fabricated offsite and are becoming a necessity in today’s fast-paced world of design and construction.


  1. Explain what an all-precast system is and the different advantages they bring to owners, architects, engineers and general contractors
  2. Illustrate the different types of precast frames, components, and connections that create these structures
  3. Review finishes and nonlinear forming techniques available with architectural components
  4. Show how all-precast structures have been used on a wide variety of projects types

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