Perot10 Nonlinear Precast Concrete Forming Innovations

An in-depth look at the Perot Museum

1.0 Learning Units, HSW

Nonlinear Precast Concrete Forming Innovations

Learn how the architects’ visions for Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, TX, were realized with modern production techniques which have surpassed all preconceived notions of concrete and changed the landscape of precast design. Interviews from Thom Mayne, Arne Emerson and Zander Tamm-Seitz of Morphosis reflect on the design assist collaboration of this iconic structure.  


  1. Understand how early design assist collaboration allowed the designer to achieve their aesthetic and programming goals within budget constraints 
  2. Learn about and understand the inner workings of the Morphosis’ design workflow 
  3. Learn how the collective investment in the comprehensive Revit BIM Model and cross platform interoperability allowed workflow between architects, contractors and subcontractors. 
  4. Observe how the precast facade minimizes the use of material through a systematized, standard panel that maximizes modularity, interchangeability creating complex and dynamic appearances that feature radius, canted angles, projections, detailed forms and shapes

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