Total Precast Concrete Systems: Delivering Proven Results in Construction for Decades

1.0 Learning Units, HSW

TPS-22 Cover

The prefabrication and off-site construction of precast concrete building systems has been a key contributor to their proven performance for decades. This
presentation will familiarize attendees with precast concrete’s family of products and illustrate how they can be assembled to produce sustainable architecture for any building type.

Precast concrete contributes to sustainable designs, which include, energy efficiency, long-term building performance and provides unmatched design versatility. The flexibility of precast concrete structures makes them ideal for adaptive reuse as concrete members are individually engineered and can be disassembled for future additions to buildings.

Attendees will learn how different types of precast concrete structural systems can be used to reduce jobsite risks by erecting large building components, reducing workforce labor, and increasing the overall construction speed by 25%.


  1. Illustrate the different types of precast frames, components, and connections that create total precast concrete structures.
  2. Explain the advantages of designing total precast structures for the owner, architect, engineers and contractors.
  3. Learn the different design considerations that are essential in total precast construction.
  4. Review forming and finishes techniques available on a wide variety of precast concrete building systems.
  5. Show how total precast structures are being utilized to save time, increase safety and showcase how precast protects life.

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