UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital Pavilion A

UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital Pavilion A

UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital – Pavilion A bridges where art and science of medicine coexist with a brick-inlaid architectural precast concrete exterior that is designed to harmonize with the traditional brick and stone campus. The facility provides a “front door” that unifies the medical center. High performance precast concrete combined air and vapor barrier as well as continuous insulation (3” and 4” concrete wythes separated by 2” of rigid insulation) efficiently into one system. This provided an effective R-value of R-27 and saved time, material and money.

The project was originally designed with hand-set block and brick; however, the design team researched other façade options to ensure speed, quality, performance and an exterior that perfectly matched existing campus buildings. Gate Precast collaborated with the architect prior to project award and successfully demonstrated how a brick inlay architectural precast concrete wall system could match the existing brick blend used on the campus and perform better than masonry construction.

A blend of five types of brick textures and colors produced a range of color common to the adjoining buildings utilizing over 1 million thin brick pieces.

The hospital was awarded the PCI Best Sustainable Design Award in 2014 because the precast panels used were high performance in terms of thermal and moisture intrusion design. The durable façade system will provide a long service life and a safe and healthy environment for its patients.

"Thin-set brick, insulating panels allowed us to achieve the design objective of matching the adjacent campus structure, with a better performing exterior skin, where the quality of construction could be better controlled, and still take a significant amount of time off of the project schedule."

Tom Gormley, GBBN Architects

Lexington, KY

GBBN Architects and AECOM - Ellerbe Becket

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