One Bethany West Building & Parking Garage

One Bethany West Building & Parking Garage


Large window openings have long been an attraction for tenants seeking natural light for their work spaces.  Striking the balance between high performance and efficient wall systems with window openings can present a challenge for many developers and design teams. 

With its massive 25’ x 11-1/2’ window openings in a single prefabricated architectural precast wall panel, One Bethany West office building is an example of finding that balance. Working with the design team of BOKA Powell and L.A. Fuess Partners, the GATE Precast engineering team combined 71 units into just 30 punched window openings for a savings of 41 pieces — shaving off time and money for the owner Kaizen Development Partners, LLC.  

GATE’s award-winning AA PCI certified facility in Hillsboro, TX recently expanded its production capacity to include fabrication of structural units affording Balfour Beatty to retain a single contract for fabrication and installation for the architectural as well as structural components on the attached parking structure.

Allen, TX

BOKA Powell

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