John Brooks Williams Natural Science and Technology Center

John Brooks Williams Natural Science and Technology Center

The Science and Technology Center is a three-story dry laboratory and classroom structure linked by a central atrium. The majority of the south side of the envelope was developed as a terracotta rainscreen system. Due to the cost, the skin of the building, and the desire for a barrier system with integrated insulation, the exterior was reimagined as an architectural precast concrete panel system. Using a modular form large enough to avoid repetition in pattern allowed for a non-modular look. The design team worked the surface of the panels to create a rich texture that provided opportunities for a dynamic light and shadow experience throughout the day as well as the changing seasons. Utilizing precast concrete provided an opportunity to dial in the color variation using a single mix design with acid-etch and sandblasted textures. 

The center was recognized as the Best Higher Education Building in the 2015 PCI Design Awards competition.

Austin, TX

Moore Ruble Yudell, Design Architect | STG Design, Executive Achitect

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