Camp Shelby Army and NGMC ORTC

Camp Shelby Army and NGMC ORTC

The four, four-story total precast barracks feature insulated load-bearing exterior walls, and double tees. The main design challenge was to incorporate precast panels into a facility required to meet progressive collapse, which conformed to UFC 4-023-03. The project was built to be a 100-year plus facility and being constructed with an all precast system extends the life cycle of the facility and withstands even the most extreme Gulf Coast weather conditions. The barracks were built to be used for a shelter during hurricane events.

The thermally efficient walls exceed ASHRAE 90.1 and helped accelerate the design and construction schedules. The smooth troweled finish on the interior side of the concrete wall panels was left exposed providing a clean, durable interior finish which eliminates the need for additional interior finishes. The precast components offer a number of sustainable design concepts that meet the military’s Silver LEED requirements.

Camp Shelby, MS

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