7001 Burnet Road

7001 Burnet Road

Architectural precast cladding provides dramatic visual appeal to the exterior of the parking structure of the mixed-use, 7001 Burnet Road, development. The parking structure is one of three spaces within the development, each of which has its own unique look. The precast cladding emulates the look of mesh but provides the strength and durability of concrete. The design of the cladding allows airflow throughout the structure's parking decks while also allowing an abundance of natural light to flow through. The use of a CNC machine allowed us to fabricate precise molds that aided us in creating the structure’s unique design as well as provided a more efficient and cost-effective production process.

The design adds to the development's industrial design style and complements the two other spaces while making a design statement that is unique to it alone. The cladding is a key feature of the development's design and became the inspiration for the development's official logo. 





Austin, TX

Gomez Vazquez International

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