Florida Department of Law Enforcement - James T. Moore Building

Florida Department of Law Enforcement - James T. Moore Building

GATE assisted with the design of a total precast concrete solution for the new Florida Department of Law Enforcement Pensacola Regional Operations Center (PROC). The prefabricated concrete structure and exterior wall system were produced offsite and installed in less than five months and saved the overall schedule three weeks. 


The previous home of the PROC was in a converted school that became severely damaged as a result of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Discussions of a new facility began around 2007; however, it wasn’t until 2015 that things started to move forward. Originally, the new center was to be built using steel construction. Ultimately, it was decided that the facility would be rebuilt using a total precast solution because of its durability, resilience and its capability to accelerate construction compared to most other building materials. 


The long-spanning precast double tees and hollow core roof structure allow the center's second floor to be open and column-free for maximum usable space.


Also, due to a vibration requirement (VC-A), hollow core was used on the floor system to keep floor vibration to a minimum. Hollow core performed well at achieving the VC-A requirement and kept the floor vibration frequency within the 4 Hz and 8 Hz range.


Custom-colored, exterior precast wall panels with inherent thermal mass and continuous insulation provide a finished wall system that facilitates the center's achievement of an ENERGY STAR rating. The interior face of the load-bearing wall panels were given a smooth trowel finish that allows for efficient, durable and clean surfaces; particularly in areas such as the center's vehicular service area and warehouse. 


The 8" interior load-bearing wall panels also provide safety and security. Designed to meet ballistic criteria as well as specialty security and fire rating criteria, the interior precast wall panels also provide acoustical separation throughout the building. 





Pensacola, FL

Goodwyn Mills Cawood

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