Cook Children’s Medical Center South Tower Expansion

Cook Children’s Medical Center South Tower Expansion

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Gate Precast’s proficiency in design-assist and the time advantages afforded by the custom insulated architectural precast system accelerated the tower expansion at Children’s Medical Center South in Fort Worth, Texas, in a major way – shaving an estimated six months off the construction schedule. 

BIM exponentially improved the design-assist process by improving the flow and sharing of information across a consistent platform and enabling team members to perpetuate that model in the construction documents. The goal was to be efficient in time and to reduce waste.

David M. Schwarz Architects and CallisonRTKL envisioned using technological advancements in precast façade systems to emulate the randomness in coloring of natural limestone and imperfections of hand laid masonry historically used on buildings and additions over 25 years ago. The thermally efficient precast enclosure system, which acts as air, water and vapor barrier features 3” of XPS foam insulation, embedded glazed brick and a simulated limestone finish that successfully captures the timeless character of this historic campus.

Healthcare facilities are faced with critical temperature and moisture management issues. Gate Precast and Thermomass assisted the design team by providing a series of thermal and moisture analyses to assure long-term thermal resistance and eliminate concerns of condensation and mildew.

The isothermal R-value of the wall panel is R-16.41. This is 100% more than the 2009 IECC code requirement in Zone 3 (R-8.13) and nearly 2X the efficiency of a more conventional brick/block assembly (R-8.85).

There are no thermal bridges through an insulated precast concrete wall assembly so moisture has no path to follow. To substantiate this, a full-size mockup was analyzed in extreme winter and summer conditions and the panel section passed the test blocking all condensation.

The cohesive aesthetic of the precast concrete panels and affordable construction ensures the continued success of the hospital and opportunities for growth in the future.

The project received a 2019 PCI Design Award for Best Healthcare/Medical building.

"We will definitely use precast for more projects on campus – it has validated itself.  We’ve learned how to use precast to achieve our client’s goals and Gate is a trusted partner.”

Sean Patrick Nohelty, David M. Schwarz Architects

Fort Worth, TX

David M. Schwarz Architects and CallisonRTKL

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