Ponte Vedra Inn and Club Ocean House

Ponte Vedra Inn and Club Ocean House

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The decision to utilize precast concrete for the complete system prefabrication and replacement of the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Ocean House, consisting of two 3-story buildings, was twofold. 

Due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean, the Ocean House buildings are engineered to meet today’s modern building codes in regards to wind speed requirements, FEMA storm surge and the resistance of wave action forces.  

Additionally, in All-Precast construction, the total installation duration for the core and shell was nine weeks compared to one year with masonry construction, and there are fewer coordination issues and less site mobilizations. The magnitude of the noise reduction attained from this was beneficial, as the neighboring family pool adjacent to the limited site space remained open during construction. 

These benefits along with the ability to match existing resort structures utilizing a brick formliner to pride a painted faux brick exterior, long service life and resiliency is How Precast Builds.

Time-lapsed view of the accelerated construction of GATE's total precast system

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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